Gameplay demo footage for hand drawn platform game

Here is some recorded gameplay footage of the hand drawn 2D platformer adventure game (run and jump style) that I am developing. This is an early style test with no parallax scrolling yet – although that is a feature that now works. More screen captures, and some playable game demos coming soon.

The drawing for the level shown in the video is shown in the previous post.

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Game level sketch coloured with homemade custom photoshop paint brushes

I scanned in a rough drawing from my moleskin book – one I’m using as an environment game level in a platformer I’ve made.  It needed sprucing up a bit, so I made some simple custom pencil and paint brushes to assist in giving it more life!

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Drawing of village made of trees, roots and crooked houses

Twisted Roots Floating IslandA small sketch for part of a platform game level. Incorporates a quirky and crooked smoking village built on the tops of gnarled roots and tree-like structures.

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Treople Holding Smokey Towns

This is my latest Treople character drawing. Click below for more detailed zoom-in shots of the drawing.

Tree character holding smoking towns - drawing by Peter McClory

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Hand drawn 2D platform game level design process tutorial

Zoomed close up 2 of a handdrawn platform game level by Peter McClory

I’ve scanned one of the more complex of my hand drawn game levels, created in several stages to test out a 2D side scrolling platform game engine I have been working on (whilst running UK Drupal web design company Curve). Read More »

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Halloween platform adventure game made over a weekend

I spent last weekend and today putting together a short Halloween platform game.  Collect the pumpkins, sweets (candy), cupcakes and find the keys to open the doors of the castle.  Literally put together in 24 hours, and half of that time was spent drawing the game.

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Floating tree island

Floating tree island
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Drawing of twisted trees holding up grassy platforms

Twisted trees holding up grassy platforms

Sketch of a hand drawn platform game level. Several small grass platforms are held up by a series of twisting trees. All the trees grow from the base of rocks and grass. Three striped blobs are perched on top of the upper most ledges.

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