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New Slimline Nintendo DS Lite Design Released

Oh dear, time to raid my wallet soon… well 2nd March 2006 to be exact. Unless pre-orders become available sooner on some site like Liksang or something!

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Quaidsville – Have a Listen

I just recorded a short track for Dave to utilise in his perfection of lyrics for one of The Quaids’ tracks. Here it is.

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Epitonic : Music for Free – (No Catch!)

Epitonic is a brilliant resource for finding out about new genres and artists. Epitonic is one of many ‘music’ websites knocking about at the moment. However, Epitonic is different. It can all get a bit confusing if you’re looking for listening to some cool original stuff – for free – and legally! However, Epitonic makes […]

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I forgot to have a rant about how great RJD2 is! Yep, ‘Deadringer‘ is my fav album at the moment, but I only got ‘Since We Last Spoke‘ the other day and it’s already growing on me.

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Never Prick Sausages Before Cooking

I have had many an argument with many a person on the subject of sausage cooking. Ultimately there are three golden rules to sausage cooking: 1) Never prick a sausage before or whilst cooking. 2) Cook sausages as slowly as you have time (and try to either grill or fry them) 3) Cut the links […]

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All Will Be Forgiven. Zelda: Twilight Princess

I loved my Gamecube – the first one, black and cubic. Then I traded it in for a black Xbox, traded that in for a Crystal Xbox, then traded that back in for a purple GameCube!…. (then I discovered Ebay). Next I got a PS2 slimline (five of them

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