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Epinnacle and other Deceitful Thieves (Fake Websites)

Epinnacle have stolen money off many potential customers over the past few months – and there seems to be nothing that can be done about it. I have had £25.98 stolen from my bank account for two Xbox 360 play and charge kits which never arrived. However, many others have had more money stolen, sometimes […]

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Driver 4 : Parallel Lines

Well, I haven’t played it, but the cinematics which I have seen look great. However, I suppose it may be correct to assume I have this opinion because the motion capture system I run was used to capture the animation for the 30+ minutes worth of pre-rendered cinematic sequences.

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Astrokid Animation

After trawling through several machines and network folders which I have been using for the past four years, I found this small avatar animation that I created along with a 3-minute long 3D CG animation. It is a fairly standard story where the hero character, Astrokid has to save the day by destroying the evil […]

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