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Academic Figure Drawing Tutorial 1 >> page 3

The comparison between vertical and horizontal measurements ensures that the figure in the drawing is not too thin, wide, short, or long. By constantly comparing horizontal and vertical observational measurements to these same proportional measurements in the drawing as it progresses, it is possible to ensure that the drawing stays in proportion to the visual […]

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Academic Figure Drawing Tutorial 1 >> page 2

These can be easy or difficult to find depending on the figure, the pose and the location of the easel. The first step is to search for a decent vertical alignment like the one shown in my above (unfinished) line drawing after Charles Bargue. It can be useful to incorporate a stationary object into your […]

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Oblivion – The Elder Scrolls 4 – Xbox 360 RPG

If you are oblivious to Oblivion…. please read on, for soon you won’t be. Oblivion is the latest in The Elder Scrolls series, re-defining the benchmark for interactive virtual 3D environments (nevermind the fact that it has definately set an entirely new benchmark for single-player RPGs), and it does it extremely well on the Xbox360.

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HD LCD TV – Get One, You Won’t Regret It.

Whether you’re a fan of animation, film, TV (e.g. World Cup 2006), or especially the new wave of next-gen console games on the xbox360 and soon the PS3, your visual experiences will be significantly enhanced by the superb clarity of the image on a HD (High Definition) Television. TIP: If you are considering buying one […]

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Land of Nothingness

Story Writing Exercise 2 Jack stands motionless, his clothes billowing gently. He is in the middle of a large expanse of dry, barren desert, there is nothing but sand and haze in every direction. He shades the sun’s glare with his hand to his forehead, scanning his environment slowly and intently.

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The Chicken on the Roundabout

Story Writing Exercise 1 A fat, squat chicken is stuck on a roundabout, sparsely populated with trees and surrounded by several lanes of traffic moving fast, beeping and swerving past in a blur. She appears to be in a panic, and keeps trying to find an appropriate place to cross, but every place she dashes […]

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