HD LCD TV – Get One, You Won’t Regret It.

Whether you’re a fan of animation, film, TV (e.g. World Cup 2006), or especially the new wave of next-gen console games on the xbox360 and soon the PS3, your visual experiences will be significantly enhanced by the superb clarity of the image on a HD (High Definition) Television. TIP: If you are considering buying one of these gems – do make sure you get an LCD and not a Plasma.

Plasma screens are notoriously fragile and in need of regular maintenance – plus they are usually much heavier than LCDs and have a shorter lifespan. Also, if you are considering buying a projector, then realise that projectors are generally not HD (High Definition), they lower the resolution to fit it into their projected display. Also, projectors have a much shorter lifespan than even Plasma screens, and tend to have a loud and highly irritating fan which is ok if you have a separate projection room!

Viewsonic LCD HD TV

The recent hit RPG “Oblivion” in particular gets a chance to really show off the next generation of gaming on a HDTV. Shop around, you can get some fantastic deals on HD LCD screens from the less known manufacturers (try Erae – they do a fantastic 40 inch HD LCD for under £1300 if you look in the right places. I’d suggest not going for one off Ebay, as myself and others have experienced problems once in a while on costly electronics purchases. It seems to be a scary option when buying such a precious piece of technology. Pixmania do some good deals on flatscreen LCDs.

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    Or you can get a 32″ LCD from Woolies. Bless ‘em!

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