How to Navigate the 3D Workspace in Zbrush page 2

The Zbrush 3D navigation techniques are optimized for use with a graphics tablet (eg Wacom Intuos – my personal favorite).

>> Press the pen down and drag on the blank canvas to rotate your mesh.

>> Whilst rotating, try holding down Shift key to snap to the nearest orthographic view (top, side, front etc).

>> Hold Alt key down and drag on the blank canvas to pan your mesh.

>> Hold down Alt key, drag on the blank canvas and let go of alt (whilst still dragging) to zoom in and out.

>> Hold down Alt key and tap once on the blank canvas to frame your mesh.


Familiarise yourself with the interface, exploring the various menus.

Read as many tool-tips as you can – they are extremely useful!

Do be careful with Memory settings.

Do check out and, they are highly inspirational and great learning resources.

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