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New section of Tree Characters and Concept Art

I’ve added a new page / section which shows some of my concept art work for the Treople Project – tree creatures, mystical living landscapes, strange architecture, flying vehicles and some ongoing Treople character designs. View some of the tree creatures and concepts on the Treople Project page.

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Harold Speed – The Science and Practice of Drawing

If there is one book to recommend to any artist, I recommend “The Science and Practice of Drawing” by Harold Speed. He wrote some significant instructive and philosophical books on art – ‘The Science and Practice of Drawing’, first published in 1913, is one of his gems still in print today.

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Zbrush Tutorials

Here are some Zbrush tutorials I produced for you to learn the basics of Zbrush 3D modelling. If you do work through any of these tutorials, it would be nice to hear from your experiences – and if you have any suggestions about how any of the tutorials could be improved, let me know via […]

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