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Using Photography to Practice your Drawing Skills and Experiment with Different Techniques

Most, if not all of the great drawing, painting and sculpting masters of the past centuries learned by first copying other artists work as well as studying from life itself. Today we have so much more equipment available to help us learn and develop as artists. I say use it! Especially make use your camera […]

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Large Abstract Charcoal Drawing Exercises and Experiments

Another in a series of large (between one and two metres) abstract charcoal drawings, essentially exercises and experiments which I’m working on at the moment. I make marks on the paper and slowly develop these into a composition of light and dark shapes which evolve into strange beasts and twisted environments. These drawings are more […]

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Detailed Fantasy Tree-Creature Drawing by Peter McClory

This is the latest in a series of tree creature drawings I am creating. I am also making some small platform games that incorporate ideas and style taken from these drawings. You can see more of my art in the Art Portfolio Gallery » Peter McClory – Treople Holding Smokey Towns View the rest of […]

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Interactive 3D Art Animation

These screenshots are from some interactive 3D art animations I programmed using Lingo in Director MX. Each time the user clicks on the image a new 3D object is added to the animation, making each one unique. Some of the pieces I created enable the user to type in a message which is converted to […]

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