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Creative and Original Games Need More Mainstream Publicity to Improve the Image of Gaming

It’s not that I think people who play or create shooter games are stupid (although the Publishers are lacking in vision for the future). It’s just that I generally get tired of repetition. Some people find this comforting, indeed there are many people who choose to play just one game for years. I don’t just […]

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Colossal Squid, Bigger than the Giant Squid. Largest Eyes in the Animal Kingdom

Colossal Squids (Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni) are larger than the more well-known Giant Squid. The species was first discovered in 1925, realised from tentacles found in the stomach of a Sperm Whale. There have only been eight specimens of Colossal Squid recovered since their discovery.

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Adobe Software Costs 60% More in the UK. Director 11 is $640 Cheaper in the US.

Adobe’s multimedia authoring environment, Adobe® Director® 11 software has been over four years in development. However, despite the extra years that they have had over Adobe’s Flash development team to update and improve it’s features, it is unfortunately looking like just a patch

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World of Goo, Tower of Goo and Ants

‘World of Goo’ is a development and logical progression from the free downloadable prototype game / experimental art piece / interactive toy ‘Tower of Goo’. The general gameplay concept is somewhat an ode to the bridge-builder (see, and obviously highly influenced by Ant society.

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Hand Drawn Running Character Animation

This hand drawn walk cycle animation is for use in a platform game I’m developing. The next animations will be posted soon, including jumping, landing, idle, and more. My animation process starts with concept sketches using the most advanced technology available… pencil and paper! Next I rough out a 6 to 12 frame line drawing […]

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