Hand Drawn Running Character Animation

This hand drawn walk cycle animation is for use in a platform game I’m developing. The next animations will be posted soon, including jumping, landing, idle, and more.

Egg man walk cycle by Peter McClory

My animation process starts with concept sketches using the most advanced technology available… pencil and paper! Next I rough out a 6 to 12 frame line drawing with a graphics tablet in photoshop…

Egg man walk cycle sketch animation by Peter McClory

This is refined until I am happy with the motion (for the time being), and made sure that it loops seamlessly – important for use in-game.

Egg man walk cycle line drawing animation by Peter McClory

After the line-drawing animation is complete, I colour using layers underneath the lines, making sure I save the individual colours as swatches in a custom palette for later use.

Saved colour swatches for Egg man and game graphics by Peter McClory

The background is transparent for use in-game, I just added a simple gradient to make the animation that tid-bit more pleasing to you, oh website visitor!

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