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Original Super Mario Bros World 1-1 Demo Level made in Adobe Director

The original Super Mario Bros World 1-1 was used in this free playable game level (below). I’m using a wide variety of graphics to test out a multi-scrolling platform game engine I’m developing in Adobe Director. This is a work in progress. New and different versions of the game will be posted when they are […]

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Freely Playable Scrolling Platform Game with Experimental Mouseclick Control

Here you can play the latest version of an experimental free scrolling platform game I’m developing in Adobe Director. The simple platforms are just place holders to test out collisions and scrolling. Screen-shot of this playable prototype demo level from the scrolling platform game project

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Saving user data with SetPref() and GetPref(). File location saved with Lingo in Adobe Director 11

If you are using Adobe Director to create applications or games, or anything at all that has a need for the user to save and load data, you are most likely going to want to use the SetPref() and GetPref() commands. These commands don’t need a separate plugin and they are also Shockwave safe. There […]

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Experimental Art Games and Interactive Toys

Here are a few videos of original games that stray from the mundane, with some toppling over into a meaningful world of interactive experimental artworks… something that is gradually picking up pace in the game development field. Crayon Physics Deluxe This trend is due to the recent mass popularity of ‘casual games’ through both mobile […]

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(Director Shockwave) Scrolling Platform Game Engine in Development Using Lingo.

This is the first playable prototype of a free side-scrolling platform game I am developing using Adobe Director. Everything is in early stages of development. The graphical environment elements in the initial playable prototypes are just place-holders for testing out controls, collisions, scrolling and other fundamentals. Playable demo platform game level made in Adobe Director […]

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Entire Super Mario Bros (NES) Free Level Map Images

One of the most important games of all time has to be the first Super Mario Bros game on the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). The legendary series is credited to globally renown Japanese game designer Shigeru Miyamoto (b.1952), who also created Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, Pikmin and other series of games for Nintendo. […]

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