Street Painting (Chalk Drawing) in Florence, Italy

Street painting is an experience I recommend to anyone and everyone.

It is good exercise, most certainly gives you good practice at taking criticism.

It is also a great opportunity to work quickly, at a large scale and under pressure, because you have to wash and scub it all away before midnight (or you turn into a pumpkin… only kidding).

Dirty hands after street painting

After spending several hours on your hands and knees in the street, on top of a large chalk drawing, it is likely that you may become a little dirty.

Below you can see the first of my street paintings on the road. I was of course doing it all legally, with an official “Madonnari” license in the centre of Florence on via Calimala, just off Della Republica.

For my first street painting I decided to rely more on my creativity than getting bogged-down with the technicalities of replicating famous portaits as precisely as possible.

Nymphs and Satyr (1873)

William Adolphe Bougereau’s “Nymphs and Satyr”, 1873, oil on canvas.

I went through some of my all-time favourite figure compositions, and settled with loosely basing the composition on Bougereau’s “Nymphs and Satyr”.

From this, I produced a very rough gestural composition sketch which was to be used as the base construction sketch on the street.

The rough gesture which I used as a basis for the chalk street drawing was this one (below).
Gesture sketch used for the chalk street painting / drawing

Once I had the multiple figure gestures sketched out onto the street, I started to build my tree character style out from this foundation.

Whilst I was drawing I attracted lots of attention! In fact, it was my first day of street painting in Florence, and I managed to attract the attention of The Florence Newspaper!

They wrote this newspaper article about my work street painting in Firenze, which you can still read.

Here’s the finished street painting:

Street Painting by Peter McClory chalk drawing in Florence, Italy (Firenze, Italia)

Peter McClory’s First Florence Street Painting (chalk drawing) in Florence, Italy (Firenze, Italia) – Loosely based on the figure gestures in Bougereau’s “Nymphs and Satyr” (1873).

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