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Hand drawn 2D platform game level sketches and video

I scanned in a rough drawing from my moleskin book – one I’m using as an environment game level in a demo platform game I designed and developed a few years ago.  It needed sprucing up a bit, so I made some simple custom pencil and paint brushes to assist in giving it more life. […]

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Hand drawn 2D platform game level design process tutorial

First of all I came up with a really rough concept level design on a scrap of paper (no-one can over estimate the value of scraps of paper!).  Some tweaks were needed, but this concept contains the basic ideas for puzzle mechanics within the level design. After I was satisfied with the level design, I […]

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Street Painting (Chalk Drawing) in Florence, Italy

Street painting is an experience I recommend to anyone and everyone. It is good exercise, most certainly gives you good practice at taking criticism. It is also a great opportunity to work quickly, at a large scale and under pressure, because you have to wash and scub it all away before midnight (or you turn […]

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Freely Playable Scrolling Platform Game with Experimental Mouseclick Control

Here you can play the latest version of an experimental free scrolling platform game I’m developing in Adobe Director. The simple platforms are just place holders to test out collisions and scrolling. Screen-shot of this playable prototype demo level from the scrolling platform game project Other versions based on this platform game engine will be […]

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Hand Drawn Running Character Animation

This hand drawn walk cycle animation is for use in a platform game I’m developing. The next animations will be posted soon, including jumping, landing, idle, and more. My animation process starts with concept sketches using the most advanced technology available… pencil and paper! Next I rough out a 6 to 12 frame line drawing […]

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Using Photography to Practice your Drawing Skills and Experiment with Different Techniques

Most, if not all of the great drawing, painting and sculpting masters of the past centuries learned by first copying other artists work as well as studying from life itself. Today we have so much more equipment available to help us learn and develop as artists. I say use it! Especially make use your camera […]

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