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Hand drawn 2D platform game level design process tutorial

I’ve scanned one of the more complex of my hand drawn game levels, created in several stages to test out a 2D side scrolling platform game engine I have been working on (whilst running UK Drupal web design company Curve).

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Using Photography to Practice your Drawing Skills and Experiment with Different Techniques

Most, if not all of the great drawing, painting and sculpting masters of the past centuries learned by first copying other artists work as well as studying from life itself. Today we have so much more equipment available to help us learn and develop as artists. I say use it! Especially make use your camera […]

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Extended Professional Classical Drawing and Zbrush 3D Tutorials.

Zbrush 3D Modelling, Sculpting and Texturing (36 pages) This Zbrush 3D PDF tutorial booklet teaches you how to model, sculpt, texture and paint in both Zbrush3 and Zbrush2. Extended Zbrush 3D Step-by-Step Tutorial Booklet Building a Zbrush 3D Mesh using Zspheres and adaptive skin Saving your 3D Zbrush Model Sculpting your 3D mesh with a […]

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Using Rhythm – The Variety of Line Shapes, and their Relationships

(From Harold Speed‘s The Practice and Science of Drawing) Line rhythm or music depends on the shape of your lines, their relation to each other and their relation to the boundaries of your panel. In all good work this music of line is in harmony with the subject (the artistic intention) of your picture or […]

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Restoring and Recovering an iPod Touch after a failed Jailbreak

These are the steps I took to fix my iPod Touch 8GB each time I tried to use different jailbreak methods that screwed it up so that it wouldn’t switch on or be recognised in iTunes. Other Jailbreak fixing methods I tried didn’t work, but these steps did, and they’re easy to do. When trying […]

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Zbrush2 and Zbrush3 Modelling, Sculpting and Texture Painting Tutorial for Any Level of Experience

The Zbrush tutorial is here, following the key processes from 3D modeling to sculpting, custom alpha creation and texturing using Zbrush. Everything is explained clearly, along with screenshots that make it easy to follow. Zbrush-modelled and textured Goblin by Caroline Delen More of the amazing tutorials feedback : ” Very nicely done. I would expect […]

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