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Hand drawn 2D platform game level design process tutorial

First of all I came up with a really rough concept level design on a scrap of paper (no-one can over estimate the value of scraps of paper!).  Some tweaks were needed, but this concept contains the basic ideas for puzzle mechanics within the level design. After I was satisfied with the level design, I […]

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Saving user data with SetPref() and GetPref(). File location saved with Lingo in Adobe Director 11

If you are using Adobe Director to create applications or games, or anything at all that has a need for the user to save and load data, you are most likely going to want to use the SetPref() and GetPref() commands. These commands don’t need a separate plugin and they are also Shockwave safe. There […]

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Using Photography to Practice your Drawing Skills and Experiment with Different Techniques

Most, if not all of the great drawing, painting and sculpting masters of the past centuries learned by first copying other artists work as well as studying from life itself. Today we have so much more equipment available to help us learn and develop as artists. I say use it! Especially make use your camera […]

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Large Abstract Charcoal Drawing Exercises and Experiments

Another in a series of large (between one and two metres) abstract charcoal drawings, essentially exercises and experiments which I’m working on at the moment. I make marks on the paper and slowly develop these into a composition of light and dark shapes which evolve into strange beasts and twisted environments. These drawings are more […]

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Using Rhythm – The Variety of Line Shapes, and their Relationships

(From Harold Speed‘s The Practice and Science of Drawing) Line rhythm or music depends on the shape of your lines, their relation to each other and their relation to the boundaries of your panel. In all good work this music of line is in harmony with the subject (the artistic intention) of your picture or […]

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Ten Minute Figure Sketches (Short Poses)

Five minute poses are good for extra-speedy representations of a life model’s gesture or expression. Ten minute poses give you a bit more time to focus on partial detail, like honing down the line articulation and adding some shadow shapes.

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