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Halloween platform adventure game made over a weekend

I spent last weekend and today putting together a short Halloween platform game.  Collect the pumpkins, sweets (candy), cupcakes and find the keys to open the doors of the castle.  Literally put together in 24 hours, and half of that time was spent drawing the game.

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Drawing of twisted trees holding up grassy platforms

Sketch of a hand drawn platform game level. Several small grass platforms are held up by a series of twisting trees. All the trees grow from the base of rocks and grass. Three striped blobs are perched on top of the upper most ledges.

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Drawing of a small village of curly topped houses on top of grassy knolls

A quick sketch drawing for a level in the platform game I’m developing. This level consists of various houses and odd-shaped buildings with spiral roofs and smoking chimney pots. I’ve also started adding these large and ancient Easter-egg type rocks that protrude from the ground in places.

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Drawing of village made of trees, roots and crooked houses

A small sketch for part of a platform game level. Incorporates a quirky and crooked smoking village built on the tops of gnarled roots and tree-like structures.

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