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Hand drawn 2D platform game level design process tutorial

I’ve scanned one of the more complex of my hand drawn game levels, created in several stages to test out a 2D side scrolling platform game engine I have been working on (whilst running UK Drupal web design company Curve).

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Halloween platform adventure game made over a weekend

I spent last weekend and today putting together a short Halloween platform game.  Collect the pumpkins, sweets (candy), cupcakes and find the keys to open the doors of the castle.  Literally put together in 24 hours, and half of that time was spent drawing the game.

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Floating tree island

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Drawing of twisted trees holding up grassy platforms

Sketch of a hand drawn platform game level. Several small grass platforms are held up by a series of twisting trees. All the trees grow from the base of rocks and grass. Three striped blobs are perched on top of the upper most ledges.

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Sketched drawing of an imaginary cave level and small castle turret on a grassy hill

Quick drawing for a conceptual game level in the platform game I am creating. The cave area is quite difficult for the player to reach, but they will be rewarded for getting there.

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