A creative journey of innovation

Peter is an artist and producer combining traditional arts and music with a variety of new technologies.

Early Milestones

Peter began his musical journey as a pianist and vocalist, going on to learn the violin from age 6. He went on to achieve Violin grade 6 at 13 years of age. He also studied drumming, tenor saxophone (up to grade 6), and both acoustic and electric guitar.

Between the ages of 15 and 18 he busked and performed gigs in Manchester, using a mix of instruments and analogue electronic music equipment.

1990s music home production equipment
Some of the early equipment included: a Zoom Studio 1201 for realtime reverb/echo/phaser and chorus effects; the Yamaha PSR-36 keyboard, DOS-based Octamed Tracker (for programming Drum tracks, samples and other sounds); a Fender Squier Stratocaster; a Tascam 4-track cassette recorder (414 Portastudio) for recording and mix-downs, and SoundForge for sample editing and mastering.

When he turned 19 he had already served up five public exhibitions of artwork, including the composition and production of original music soundscapes for outdoor theatre productions of Shakespeare’s The Tempest, played at Gawsworth Hall, Cheshire. These were played through multiple speakers which accompanied his traditional art installations of 2D and 3D media.

Royal Academy of Arts London
Royal Academy of Arts, London.

Aged 21, Peter showcased a bespoke interactive 3D crime scene tool at the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition in London. This was a prototype Virtual Reality Scene of Crime Officer training tool which he developed whilst working for the Metropolitan police in the Forensic Science Service’s research and development department.

Diverse Experience

University-educated in the UK, Peter extended his experience in innovative future technologies as a university researcher and PhD-mentor. Specialisms included digital 3D-modelling, Motion Capture, and Virtual Reality research and development.

Peter managed and produced a variety of motion capture sessions for commercial, research and community projects.

After several years, he started a short series of ‘Treople’. This consisted of the fantasy tree creatures and ‘scenes’ in pencil and digital painting in PhotoShop.

Old Tree Creature Drawing Process
Here’s the process I used to draw the first ‘Treople’. Scanned at roughly 1 hour intervals.

With support from Arts Council England, Peter moved to Florence, Italy, to study Classical Art, Anatomy and Atelier techniques. In Florence, he was chosen to work as one of the official ‘I Madonnari’ (so-called because historically they recreated images of the Madonna). This entitled him to a legal licence for street painting on a brass-plated reserved space near to the Uffizi Gallery, (and next to Palazzo Vecchio).

Girl with a Pearl Earring - (Chalk on Stone), after Vermeer.
Peter McClory, one of the Madonnari in Florence, Italy. Girl with a Pearl Earring, after Vermeer (Chalk on Stone).

Freelance Media Producer in London

Following his inspiring stint in Italy, Peter moved to London and worked as a freelance media producer. Work included video editing, animation, illustration, web design, and game design.

Website and interaction design for business

Working in a range of traditional and digital mediums, Peter founded a business focussed on interactive media business services, specialising in dynamic websites. He took on several additional full-time developers to support national and international clients.

Interactive Art and Musical Soundscapes

Peter works on traditional art projects in pencil, and produces music and soundscapes using a range of traditional and electronic hardware instruments and tools. The artwork is combined with audio in game development environments, and the coding is in C#.

Treople style hand drawn level for platform game
Commission for a hand drawn game level with grassy platforms, rocks, lava and twisting trees.